"All you need is LOVE,

LOVE is all you need"

- The Beatles (All you need is Love)

Image by Fabrizio Verrecchia


Weddings, Civil Partnership, PAC's,

Vow Renewals, Elopement

A Love Commitment Ceremony is the way I like to interpret a wedding, an elopement, a Civil Partnership, Vow renewal or a PAC's (native to France).  These ceremonies are all connected and have the same magical thing going on, Love!


These ceremonies for couples could be held with a handful of guests, hundreds of guests, a small entourage of a wedding party or no wedding party. 

By having a Love Commitment Ceremony that is tailored and unique to each couple, it places the next step into the direction of a couples life adventures together as well as creating a lasting memory of their commitment they have made to each other.

Celebrant led ceremonies are non legal and non religious ceremonies and enable people to have a ceremony at any location or venue, a ceremony that is unique, powerful and about who they are as a couple as well as individuals.  My work is from the heart, I am a people's person and I love to hear people's stories about their life adventures.  I enjoy writing their stories and bringing them to life creating beautiful, poignant, heartfelt and even quirky ceremonies for you!

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"So I wrote your name in my heart,

and that's where it will stay, always."

- Jessica Blade


Funeral, Celebration of Life, Memorial

Arranging a service for the death of a loved one is an extremely difficult time for anyone to deal with.  In a country far from home it can also be overwhelming at times and finding strength in a situation where even making a cup of tea can be difficult to focus on, becomes a daunting task.

With me beside you as your Celebrant I will help you find the strength to create, together a ceremony that will honour, mark and celebrate the life of your loved one.

Celebrant led Funerals and Memorials are very different to traditional religious ceremonies and do not need to have any religious baring at all, only if you wish too.

Funerals in France can take place in a short space of time and sometimes the organisation of a "real" service can seem impossible.  Please do not despair, there are many solutions as well as alternatives.  You may prefer a ceremony for internment or a Celebration of Life ceremony.


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"If we were meant ot stay in one place,

we'd have roots instead feet."

- Rachel Wolchin



Baby Naming, Adoption, Birthdays, Retirements,

Moving Home, Family Unification and more...

Our life adventures do not just stop at Love or Death.  There is so much more to be celebrated throughout our Life Adventures! From Birthdays, Retirement and Graduations to Baby Naming, Adoption, Family Unification and so much more! 

A celebrant led ceremony is about having a ceremony to mark something that is symbolic to you, something that will mark and honour important your moments in your  own unique life adventures!

If you are looking for that something different I would be privileged to help you celebrate something that is important, joyous and monumental to you. 


Please contact me to see what we can achieve together!

"Reading is like breathing in,

Writing is like breathing out"

- Pam Allyn


Commemorative Writing Service

A sprinkle of special...


In addition to the different ceremonies that I offer, I am able to offer a writing service.

This may be the writing of your ceremony love story or eulogy without my attendance or a commemorative piece written of your love story or a loved one that has died and presented as a personalised gift. 

Image by Debby Hudson