FAQ's - Weddings & General Information

When you are organising a Celebration that marks such a momentous time in your life adventures you will have so many questions whizzing around your head as well as a need to understand what role each person or persons play in the part of your Celebration.  Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. If you are unable to find the answer to your question heres, no worries please click on the contact button at the bottom of this page to complete the contact form.  I will be more than happy to help you find answers.

What is a Celebrant?

A Celebrant is able to provide a ceremony that is created solely & personalised for each Client/s.  A Celebrant is not necessarily religious and is by not bound to traditional ceremonies.  However if you wish to include these elements in your ceremony that is no problem either.  

Is my Celebrant Led Wedding Ceremony legally binding?

The answer is simply no.  To register your marriage legally you will need to do this in two different ways depending on the country you reside in. 


If you live permanently in the UK to legalise your marriage (the legal paperwork part) you will need to contact your local registry office who will explain the simplest way to complete this part without ceremony.  Each county is different so it is important to check with the registry office first.

You cannot legally wed in France unless you live here on a permanent basis.  If you live here in France, great! To legalise a wedding you need to contact your Mairie.  The procedure is similar throughout the country with variations as always depending on your departments, so please do check with your Mairie.  If you would like to talk further on this matter I am able to help here. 

There is also a legal alternative to marriage which is named a PACS.  This is an option for same sex and opposite couples.  For more information about forming a PACS please click on the blog link at the bottom of this page. 

Are you able to carry out a Love Commitment ceremony to mark our PACS agreement? (France)

Yes! Let me know when and how you will be doing this.  A PACS agreement can be done at your local Mairie's or at a Notaire.  We can have the ceremony the same day, next day or when it suits you.  Please read my blog with more information about a PACS - link button at the bottom of this page.

Do I need to be legally married before my Celebrant led Wedding Ceremony?

This is not necessary at all.  If you wish to legalise your marriage you can do this before or after ceremony in your country of residence. There is no obligation to be legally wed at all. 

Are you inclusive?

A most definitive, Yes! Everyone is welcome from all walks of Life's Adventures!  I am a peoples person.  I love getting to know all about people and how they come to these momentous times of their life adventures. 

Where can I hold my wedding ceremony?

France literally is your oyster! There are so many magical venues across the country it can make it very difficult to chose from a Grande Chateau, to riverside, to rustic barn style, outdoors, beaches, lakes and so much more!! Shout your ideas at me and lets see what we can do!

What can I include in my wedding ceremony?

The list really is endless.  Your ceremony can be symbolic such as hand fasting, unity candles, sand ceremony, ring warmings/ blessings, wine rituals, whisky rituals.  There are so many ideas. Readings, poems and music are also welcomed.  I haven't come across something yet that has made me say, not possible.

Do you do other Ceremonies?

Yes! I am a very open minded individual.  If you have an important moment in your Life Adventures you would like to celebrate, lets have a chat and see what we can do.  Suggestions for other ceremonies could be a family unification, baby naming, adoption, change of name, moving home/ countries; the list really is endless.

Are you able to write just our ceremony without attending?

I am able to create and write your love story or life story for your ceremony without attending.  My written piece is only part of your ceremony it will not include the vows, readings or any other extras unless discussed. 

Areas Covered

I am based in Department 87 of France.  I am in close proximity to Bellac (postal code 87330).  My fees will be dependant on distance taking into account travel, possible accommodation costs & any other factors that may need to be considered.  I currently do not travel to the UK.