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5 ways to propose during the festive period

The festive period brings about all kinds of happiness, love, joy and cheer and it is one of the top times of the year for people to declare their love for another with a marriage proposal, a proposal to renew vows or a simple love commitment and this year is no exception! There will be many of you out there who will feel deflated because the plans you have originally made may not be able to happen now. With this in mind I thought I would put together and share with you 5 simple and romantic ideas to propose to your loved one.

One – Did you see my post the other day with the Christmas tree and wish decorations? Wow, the moment I saw it I couldn’t help thinking of the endless possibilities. You could use this idea and alter it slightly to have a romantic twist by using a bauble with a love commitment ring hidden in it and a secret message or you could use the wish decorations idea by placing a Wish of your own on the tree for your partner to read your wish for a future love commitment celebration.

Two – The good old fashioned way through food. Breakfast in bed or prepare a romantic meal for two! Picking your favourite foods, flowers for decorations, soft music playing in the background; dreamy.

Three – A romantic movie night for two. Picking your partners favourite movie and using your imagination to incorporate the movie into your proposal, it doesn’t have to be a chick flick or complete romancing of the stone type film for example people have had Star Wars themed weddings in the past. Take your time to think outside the box and at the same time don’t over think it too much otherwise you will fry your brain. What is possible, what isn’t? Can you use a famous line from the movie as part of your proposal? Just be warned, lines like “I’ll be back” may not be appropriate...

Four – Pets! Do you have a pet? If your partner is a huge animal lover this would be a super great idea to involve the other big love of their life. A ring in a box attached to an animals collar? Something engraved on the stable door or I have seen proposals made by writing on silage bales, there are so many great and simple ideas on google, take a look and see what you can find.

Five – Kids! Ok we get it, it’s not always romantic having the kids around but kids are a big part of that Love Commitment we make to one another, it’s a family thing you aren’t just saying I do to your partner your saying similar to the children in your relationship, your committing to your love to them as a parent and as a family. Getting the kids involved with drawing a proposal together to present to your partner with breakfast in bed or write on clothing (I’ve seen great kids clothes with marriage proposals printed on them), sing a song together, there are so many ideas on the web, get looking if this hits the spot for you.

I know some of my ideas may have some of you going, what is she on? But you may find my ideas help to get your own inspiration flowing and before you know it you’ve planned your proposal.

There is something I am going to warn you about. Your proposal may not be the perfect the proposal you were looking for and that really is ok because you are proposing to the person to the one you love.

You are proposing to the one you love, your partner, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and who you’ve just spent the most incredibly challenging year of all with. My husband’s marriage proposal to me would have been classed to many as the perfect proposal. Late December, whisked off to Paris, I had no idea where we were headed. My husband proposed on the Pont Alexandre III because the booked car park was maybe a little too far from the Eiffel tower when wearing 3 inch heeled boots, one cafe open for a drink because we didn’t know the French times for eating back then, it was a typical December kind of grey weather day and my engagement ring was 7 sizes too big, fitting my burly husband a lot better than me. As my husband says now, he favours the breakfast in bed idea with the dogs…

An imperfect proposal makes just as many happy memories as a perfect proposal.

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