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The Modern Day trend of Elopements & Mini Weddings

The last 18 months has seen the Wedding Industry turn on it's head, inside out, up side down and round in circles more times than any of us would have ever expected. The industry has been finding new ideas, using and revamping old ideas, keeping the spirits of couples alive as well as our own in each and every profession.

Now more than ever the modern day elopement is becoming incredibly popular. But do we know what an elopement means in the current world?

When I first heard the word elopement, I couldn't help a cheeky giggle. To me it meant a loved up couple running off to a place such as the traditional Gretna Green to get married without telling a soul. Today's take an elopement is different and is becoming a fast growing trend among couples.

A modern day elopement is more about you as a couple. It is a choice and in many cases it isn't a case of running away to secretly marry. Some prefer to call it a "mini wedding" others do still relate to it as a traditional "elopement." You may decide to tell your family and friends that you are off somewhere romantic just simply the two of you or you may choose to have the smallest amount of people to be there with you. When I say the smallest amount I'm talking under 10 people. Many favour asking a best friend or close sibling to be with them on their day others favour the simpler option of "just them." When we married, it was at Gretna Green, not the traditional place but a small registry office in the centre of Gretna. We had our best friends as witnesses and some of our siblings in attendance. In total our wedding party was around 20 guests. We didn't "elope" as such but we didn't have the traditional wedding either. And honestly? Even if our circumstances had been different at the time, the option we chose suited us as a couple and that is what a wedding about. The thing to remember is your elopement does not need to be a secret, this is a choice. By having an elopement or even a mini wedding, doesn't mean that you can't come home to a big party it simply means that your ceremony is kept ever so simple.

The organisation of an elopement or mini wedding can be as simple as you want it to be. The choice of location or venue is down to you, you can plan it in advance or last minute, it can be religious or totally non religious, you're attire is totally up to you and very few people to consider.

An elopement or mini wedding will still have the same meaning as a "traditional" larger wedding; being about you as a couple celebrating your love for each other in the way that suits you both.

Elopements and mini/ micro weddings in France are becoming ever more popular especially with the recent months sending many best made plans into disarray. Many people are also choosing to escape the stress and traditional rat race that a "normal" wedding brings, some deciding that they are on holiday and why not? Others preferring to keep their wedding as simple as possible. And it is becoming increasingly popular for venues, hotels, gites etc to offer the option of an "elopement" as part of your holiday.

There is one thing to bear in mind. The legalities of your wedding. If you reside in France the legalities must be carried out at a Mairie's. In the UK at a registrars office, where there is an option for a simple service. Other countries of residence, you will need to find out the legal requirements that are necessary.

If you would like to talk more about an elopement or any style of wedding you are looking for please feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat.

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