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"The more you praise & celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate"

- Oprah Winfrey

I am Zoe an Independent Wedding & Funeral Celebrant at Celebrant of Life

I have  had the fortune to train with the ever fabulous Natasha Johnson & Claire Bradford at Celebrants Collective, where I have gained knowledge, experience and a fantastic support network.   

Whether you are celebrating a marriage, PAC's, Civil Partnerships or a Vow Renewal, as a Wedding Celebrant I will be there by your side ensuring you have what you are looking for with a ceremony that includes warmth, heart, humour and sprinkles of magic!

Being a Funeral Celebrant too, I am also able to create ceremonies to help you Celebrate the Life of a loved one that has died.  I have the ability, knowledge and understanding that will help you to both mark and honour your loved one in such a poignant and memorable way.  By being there by your side helping to ease the stress and giving strength in those difficult and emotional times, particularly when living in a foreign country.  

My services do not stop there.  I love life and I enjoy helping others celebrate life too, if you have a ceremony in mind please contact me to see what we can achieve together and/ or click on the tab Ceremonies tab to find suggestions for other types of Celebrant led Ceremonies.  

On a personal level, I love to hear the amazing life adventures people have been on, the memories they have made, the stories they tell & how it has combined together & drawn them to this time in their life and when I combine this with my love for writing and creativity it helps me to create your ceremony in such a unique and honourable way. 

Never miss an opportunity to Celebrate Life!

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